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Vivien Mackie

Picture of Vivien Mackie, Alexander Technique teacher


Vivien Mackie is a cellist who had the rare good fortune to study extensively with the great cellist and teacher-extraordinary Pablo Casals. The exciting parallels between his teaching and that of F.M. Alexander led her to train with Walter Carrington from 1970-73. Later on, singing lessons with Angela Caine, and collaboration with her in workshops, opened up a whole new field of discovery. She draws on her learning from these three remarkable teachers in her work today.

In the 1990s she ran her own unique three year Alexander Training Course in Australia whose students were all musicians.

Vivien described her experiences with Pablo Casals in her book 'Just play naturally', published in 2006.


  • Let's go exploring as Alexander invited us to do
    Let's go exploring as Alexander invited us to do, using his work as the signpost to guide us'. (Where does he say he thinks his work will be regarded as a signpost to guide the explorer...etc.)
  • Do you sabotage yourself?
    Do you secretly know you can sing, play, perform better than you usually do - or are you hesitant about even trying before an audience? Could we muster all our inhibition, throw caution to the winds, find out and throw away whatever it is that gets in the way? And fly?
  • Stillness in the Eye of the Storm
    Vivien will talk about her discoveries and adventures in applying Alexander's principles to the challenges that she meets while working with musicians - and others - around the world. No sooner do you think you have an answer than a new question arises, so that that answer no longer fits. There are new answers and new questions all the time; this is what is so endlessly fascinating. And all the time, progress is gradually being made.