Lisa DeAngelis

Pivoting our Perspective

It has been said that the only constant is change. Navigating change in our Self, in our teaching and in our world is not only a skill but an adventure. In this exploration, we will challenge ourselves to consider our perspective - how we approach our students, teaching and ourselves - and how changing our perspective can open our understanding in ways we might never have thought. Then, we can pivot: move forward while keeping one foot in place. Through this approach to teaching, learning and exploring the Technique, we challenge ourselves to hone our vision and allow our perspective lead our hands to guide and teach, both student and teacher.

Lisa is a graduate of the Alexander Technique Center Urbana (Urbana, IL) under the instruction of Joan and Alex Murray. Her training encompasses the lifelong learnings of the Murrays, and with her teaching she hopes to honor their teaching style and commitment to the Alexander Technique - one devoted to constant learning and discovering. Perhaps most influential of their contributions to the Alexander Technique was their collaborative work with Dr. Raymond Dart, which bore the development of the Dart Procedures.

In her teaching career, she has worked with an extensive clientele of musicians, athletes, medical and business professionals, and has coached women through pregnancy and labor. She was a three year faculty member with the Elm City Chamber Music Festival (New Haven, CT) and has presented workshops with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, at DePaul University, Concordia University, the University of Chicago, and Northeastern Illinois University. She has worked with professional musicians and athletes to help them discover and maintain their peak performance state and remains active in helping to grow awareness of the Technique, locally and globally. She is pleased to have contributed her organizational and planning skills to a number of large scale projects - through AmSAT as Planning Committee Chair for AmSAT’s 2013 ACGM in Chicago. She also participated as Organizational Coordinator for Rachel Zahn’s Experiencing the Embodied Mind: High performance psychophysical expertise, subjectivity research, and brain-computer technology which took place in Gargonza, Italy in October of 2013 and was an assistant to the directors of the 2015 Alexander Congress in Limerick, Ireland.