Aranka Fortwängler & Hedda Mickausch


Hands-on work in trio

Exchange in small groups of three provides many  possibilities to refine our work: an increased energetic level of the whole system makes us more aware and promotes precision and clarity. The challenge of the triplet-group teaches us how to improve the art of constructive feedback; realizing that each person (pupil, teacher, supervisor) is equally important - although very different - helps us to be flexible and awake, no matter which “role” we hold.

Aranka & Hedda learned a very strict, profound and clear hands-on work during their training in tradition of Patrick MacDonald, Shmuel Nelken, Yehuda Kupermann and Giora Pinkas. They were always aware that there is great importance in this style, a promise of a deep aliveness and vivid connectedness with the whole human being.

On the other hand, it was hard for them to step out of the box of ‘right and wrong’ or ‘good versus bad’ which somehow seemed to be a big part of this teaching style… or perhaps this is the same for many parts of the developed world?

Today, 40 years later, here they are still fresh, curious, excited and fascinated about the endlessness and intrinsic newness of this work… being at the same time much softer, at ease and content with themselves, their work and their students…which they find is a great relief!

They both would really love to pass on some of the treasures and tools they discovered along their long journey! So, they welcome you into the atmosphere of openness, acceptance, experimenting, fun of failure and joy of being yourself!

Hedda Mickausch was a professional physiotherapist when she came across the Alexander Technique for the first time in 1987. She finished her training with Shmuel Nelken in Jerusalem in 1992.

She has been assisting at different Alexander training schools since 1994 and she has been the assistant director of Aranka Fortwängler at the training course in Freiburg

She also works as an Alexander Technique teacher as well as a therapist in the Rehabilitation Clinic of Psychosomatic and Inner Medicine in Glottertal, Germany.

Aranka Fortwängler became acquainted with the Alexander Technique in 1974 while studying music in Freiburg, Germany. She has been an Alexander teacher for over 35 years and has been the director of the Alexander Technique Teacher Training course in Freiburg since 1989.

She was a founding member of the German society of the Alexander Technique teachers (ATVD), and was lecturing for many years at the Music Academy of Karlsruhe. She travels all over the Europe leading Alexander Technique workshops, many in Croatia - her country of birth.