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Diane Gaary

Improve your Voice – Improve your Presentation Skills  

A good articulate speaking voice is so important when teaching the Alexander Technique. A beautiful speaking voice is healthy, resonant, expressive, easeful, and a joy for both speaker and listener.  In this vocal workshop, participants will kinesthetically map various structures of the vocal mechanism and learn the cause and effect relationship between the use and function of the speaking voice. We will explore how to kinesthetically access and direct structures that effect vocal production and learn the science behind why specific choices change vocal resonance.   

Ultimately, we will work with how the Alexander Technique provides the structural support that produces positive changes in the voice.  My hope is that this introduction to the speaking voice will provide information to help teachers work with students’ voices, spark curiosity about choices in the use of the speaking voice, and inspire you to develop the health and beauty of your own vocal instrument. Improve your voice and you will automatically improve your presentation skills.

Diane Gaary teaches speaking voice and movement and has a passionate interest in how body use affects the speaking and singing voice. With a BA in Theatre and English from Smith College and an MFA in Acting from The University of Virginia, Diane has teacher certification from The American Society of the Alexander Technique (AmSAT), Alexander Technique International, and the Lessac Institute for Voice and Body Training, as well as Feldenkrais Practitioner certification from the Feldenkrais Guild. Diane's training also includes classical singing, numerous theatrical voice and speech techniques, and speech pathology which she studied on the graduate level at the University of Virginia. Diane gives lectures, classes and workshops both nationally and internationally, and she maintains private studios in both Philadelphia and New York City where she teaches professional actors, singers, and dancers who work on Broadway, off Broadway, in regional theatre, and at the New York City Opera, the Metropolitan Opera, and cabaret. Diane teaches at Temple University, Arcadia University, and Westminster Choir College and  also maintains a studio for private students in Ardmore, PA, USA.