2020 AT Convention

Programme & Facilitators

The programme is about you: the teacher, the person, the seeker of knowledge about the human condition. Our role will be to facilitate. Rather than teach who we are, we wish to learn who you are and thereby, to support your strengths and offer you the opportunity explore and expand your teaching tool kit.

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Programme Design

The 3rd International Alexander Technique Teacher’s Convention, Growing in Confidence, starts at 6pm on Sunday 26 July and finishes at lunch time on Saturday 1 August, 2020. Every day there will be workshops both in the morning and in the afternoon. A special event will be planned for each day, after the evening meal. There will also be a series of talks/discussions, and work exchange rooms and meeting rooms will be open all day. Additional time will be allotted for group discussions, roundtables and other forms of networking.

For more details, please see our schedule information.

Convention Directors

Richard Brennan, Glenna Batson, Niall Kelly and Lisa DeAngelis have come together again after the Limerick Congress 2015. We wish to truly meet the needs of the international Alexander Technique teaching community in facing their challenges and celebrating their successes. By providing a unique opportunity to address teaching skills, all of us will grow, as individual teachers who share our knowledge with the global teaching community. 

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Presenters and Facilitators

Each day there will be practical sessions, talks and discussions on key issues of teaching and presenting. Workshop presenters have been selected for this Convention because of their empathic and dedicated approach to teaching and because they understand that learning and change is a life-long continuum. Thus, their teaching embodies key human values, such as humility, kindness and inclusivity. Workshops will vary in theme from balance to psychology, from voice to building a practice, and from evolution to acting. In fact, we aim to cover all interests and address many fundamental and practical questions about hands-on work, public speaking and building a practice that have emerged from previous conventions.

Click here for a list of the 2020 AT International Teacher’s Convention presenters and workshop details.

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