Niall Kelly

Speaking in public is a skill Niall has had to develop throughout his career. In time he created workshops around communications and presentations so as to share these skills. The focus of this workshop is on helping Alexander teachers find their ‘public’ voice so they can comfortably present their work to their communities. In the workshop we will:

·       Review a few fundamentals of communications and presentations;

·       Look at how storytelling works best in our world;

·       Apply Alexander’s work to our own voice;

·       Explore the role of the brain in public speaking; and

·       Practice planned presentations you may be working on.

Niall Kelly is an organisation consultant and executive coach who has been teaching Alexander’s principles since 2004. He qualified as a teacher on completing his training with Richard Brennan in the Alexander Technique Centre, Galway, Ireland. Since then he has been working to present the work to interested groups, even when they didn’t know they were interested.

Since qualifying Niall has been teaching individual and groups. He also teaches on various performance programmes including an MA programme in Ritual Chant and Song at the Irish World Academy in the University of Limerick. He has successfully incorporated Alexander’s principles into his executive coaching work and helps executives understand the physical and physiological effects of their working environments on their performance. Niall believes in offering Alexander work to specific groups, as, for example, teaching voice workshops for teachers, and breath workshops to stressed individuals.