Lyn Charlsen Klein

Only connect – we communicate and connect to each other through all of our senses - touch being one of the most important.  In our time together we will explore how we connect to another through our whole selves.  We will rediscover when, how and where to touch.  Our contact can range from firm to feather light – can be through hands, elbows, heads and toes.  Connecting touch to talk and to visual cues is also part of our work.  Incorporating all of these elements into our daily practice of AT principles is part of the foundation for teaching through which we bring the Technique to our students.

There is always much to learn and discover and so rewarding to do it together.

Lyn Charlsen Klein has a BA in English from UCLA where she also studied for a Masters Degree in Dance.  She was certified to teach the Alexander Technique in 1977, training with Frank Ottiwell and Giora Pinkas. She had the good fortune to meet and work with Patrick MacDonald, Marjorie Barstow, Elisabeth Walker and briefly with Marjorie Barlow and Walter Carrington. Lyn has been on the faculty of the Alexander Training Institute of Los Angeles since it’s beginning in 1987, being Director of Training from 1996 to 2014.  She is currently one of six Directors of Training at ATI-LA and the Head of Training, teaching regularly on the course. She taught the Alexander Technique at the USC School of Theater from 1980 to 1995 and at California State University at Los Angeles 1989 - 1999. Lyn has given lectures/demonstrations and conducted courses for Alexander training programs and the general public on a national basis. She maintains a private practice in Van Nuys.