This workshop will include:

·      Phonation and breath work

·      Partner exercises from Sanford Meisner acting technique

·      How to make an entrance

·      A short presentation (cold reading, tell a joke or an anecdote)

What you will learn:

·      Improve breathing

·      Expand awareness

·      Enhance presence

·      Increase spontaneity

·      Improve self-confidence

Annedore Kleist

Performing with Ease

If you follow the principles of the Alexander Technique you become a better performer/presenter. It helps you to become more present in the moment which will help you respond to your audience as a friendly partner, instead of becoming stressed, anxious and trying too hard  to be perfect.

Giving an introductory talk or workshop on the Alexander Technique is a performance and like any other performance and we can always make improvements so that it is clear, concise and interesting. Just being there, seeing, breathing, listening and letting yourself respond in a fresh and natural way can bring this about.

In all these workshops we examine how the Alexander Technique principles will help you to release unnecessary tensions that often occur when in front of an audience. This in turn will enable you to become more connected to your own body and breathing so that true spontaneity can flourish and you come to state of ease in front of any audience.

This workshop will be very useful for you as an Alexander Teacher trying to communicate with you potential clients. It will also be very useful if you are teaching actors, singers, musicians, school teachers, public speakers or anyone involved with any other kind of performance.

Annedore Kleist is a professional actress and a teacher of the Alexander Technique. She studied acting at the School of Music and Theatre Hamburg. She has worked with many famous Directors over the years in a various plays and films. Annedore trained at the School for Alexander Technique in Berlin with Dan Armon between 2001 and 2004 and her teaching now focuses mainly on working with actors and performers to help people feel more confident in improving many kinds of performances.