Below is a breakdown and description of the general daily schedule. More specific schedule details will become available closer to the Convention.

morning: hands-on work & exchange


At the last two Alexander Teacher conventions in 2013 and 2017 many expressed that they lacked confidence in hands-on work. Some even expressed apprehension at the thought of exchanging work with other teachers. Morning workshop sessions will specifically address this issue. The sessions are designed to boost your confidence in what you already know, rather than teach you something entirely new (although you may certainly learn something new and different). You will also have an opportunity to apply what you have learnt in mid-morning sessions immediately following. 

You will empower your confidence by: 


Trusting the foundation and elements of the process

Re-encountering the deeper meaning of ‘non-doing’

Distinguishing between different lineages (e.g. MacDonald, Carrington, Barlow and Barstow) and celebrating the unique aspects of each

Discovering ways of enhancing the skills you already have developed

Afternoon: workshops & Discussion


The afternoon will emphasize improving your presentation skills - both in teaching groups or during individual sessions. The workshops and group discussions are geared to uncover and build on your strengths in presenting in public. Again, the focus will be on how to boost your confidence for more effective presentations. 

The learning environment is designed to support and encourage interactive participation. Here, you will discover how to use your voice and your overall body presentation in compelling ways. A sample of topics includes:


How to feel more at ease and comfortable in front of an audience

Practical tips on what to say  -- and what not to say! --  on your promotional materials and in conversations

How to use your vocal abilities and body language persuasively

On Wednesday 29 July there will intentionally only be workshops up until lunch time leaving the afternoon free for you to rest, catch up with friends or explore the sights of the surrounding area. Here are some ideas of what you could do, both on and off campus:



There is a lot to take in during the workshops and presentations over the week, so a nice long siesta might be just what you need.

Exchange work

The Exchange work rooms will be open and this might be a great time to swap work with another teacher. Exchanging work can be one of the times where you learn the most! 

Explore around UL and limerick

You could explore the walking and running trails around UL and into Limerick:

  • Walks from UL or Limerick Walking Routes

  • Running Routes

  • You could also walk along the river (about 1 hour) or catch a bus into Limerick and explore castles, museums, art galleries, cinemas, or other places of interest.

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