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Wolfgang Weiser

Working in your format: Giving AT teachers more confidence in their presentation skills.

The practical workshop (and discussion) will provide you with new ideas and experience about coordination, communication and cooperation. We will highlight the situation of you being at centre-stage when teaching to increase skill and confidence. We will also explore different formats of presenting the Alexander technique to groups within education, performance and other working environments.

Wolfgang Weiser, Balance educator & artist trained as an AT teacher in England and Germany between 1993-97 and became over the last 15 years an internationally recognised AT teacher, with qualified educations as well in theatre, circus, ergonomics and pedagogics. He is a member of ATVD, STAT & ATME, has taught the AT at the Theatre University in Stockholm and worked with actors, dancers and musicians all over Sweden. Prior experience includes working as a performer, actor, dancer and juggler since 1984. Now, based on the island Gotland, Sweden he is together with Anna E Weiser running a summer circus school and building an educational art centre for sound and balance. . When not standing on his hands or teaching, Wolfgang is doing research about somatics, where he recently received the degree of master of arts.