We are pleased to welcome the following presenters to the 2020 Convention. These individuals hail from all around the world, and bring their unique interpretation of the Alexander Technique and its applications so that convention participants can deepen their connection with the work and hone their teaching skills.


Morning Presenters

Lyn Charlsen Klein, Los Angeles, USA

Trish Hemingway, Exeter, United Kingdom

Aranka Fortwängler & Hedda Mickausch, Freiburg, Germany

Richard Brennan, Galway, Ireland

Glenna Batson, North Carolina, USA

afternoon presenters

Lisa DeAngelis, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Diane Gaary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Niall Kelly, Limerick, Ireland

Annedore Kleist, Berlin, Germany

Wolfgang Weiser, Gortland, Sweden